Birding on Dragonwyck Farm.

Walking and Birding Our cottages are surrounded by plants selected to attract birds. This is perfect for the birders who prefer the birds to come to them. Over the years we have developed many trails. Some follow the streams and pass through riverine bush. Others take you into our forest. Concrete benches have been placed … Read more

Birders Cottage Bird Photographs: Conrad Visser

These excellent photographs were taken by Conrad Visser in the winter of 2021 in our Limpopo Escarpment Forest. The conditions were cold and mostly overcast. The Yellow-bellied Greenbul is a first for me on the farm. The other birds are typically seen when ever you go out birding. The SABAP2 pentad that covers the farm.

First Forester in Woodbush

The Woodbush Forest is my prime forest birding spot here in Magoebaskloof. The book BETWEEN WOODBUSH AND WOLKBERG  Googoo Thompson’s Story by B Wongtschowski, is the story of Googoo Thompsons life. Her father was the first forester assigned to the Woodbush Forest. I have extracted, verbatim, those aspects of Mr Arthur K. Eastwood’s life relating … Read more

Woodbush Forest Birding

The Woodbush Forest is arguably the prime forest birding site in Limpopo Province. It is a short drive from Magoebaskloof Birders Cottage. The best way of accessing the forest for birding is to drive down the Forest Drive. High clearance vehicles are recommended to complete the journey down to the R71. This route passes the … Read more

New Agatha Bat Hawk Nest Site

Where is the Bat hawk Nesting Site Important notice: This nest has fallen down but efforts are being made to put a platform back in the original position. The New Agatha Bat Hawk nest site is about a 30 minute drive from Magoebaskloof Birders Cottage. Google maps link https://goo.gl/maps/ Keep a look out for the … Read more

Birding in Magoebaskloof

Birding in Magoebaskloof has resulted in over 300 species of indigenous birds sighted and recorded to date. Bird sightings on Dragonwyck Farm itself, has recorded 107 bird species