Birding on Dragonwyck Farm.


Walking and Birding

Our cottages are surrounded by plants selected to attract birds. This is perfect for the birders who prefer the birds to come to them. Over the years we have developed many trails. Some follow the streams and pass through riverine bush. Others take you into our forest. Concrete benches have been placed at spots where you can relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Walk the trails in the at first light and soak up the sounds of the morning bird chorus. Find a bench and wait for the birds to come to you while you sip your coffee. In the afternoons and evenings, the birding from your veranda can be very entertaining.

This is the map of all the walks on the farm. The total distance is about 4km. Because of the mountainous nature of the farm, only the roads are suitable for guests who have disabilities.

Bird Hide

We have recently built a bird hide in our house forest. Twenty years ago this area was a litchi orchard. We removed the litchis as the monkeys were not keen to share the fruit. We allowed the natural regrowth of local shrubs and trees and also planted selected specimen trees.

The hide was made using old creosote poles and corrugated roofing sheets found in our shed.

This is the view from inside the hide

The forest trees and grass in front of the hide.

Birds photographed from the hide.

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