Woodbush Forest Birding

The Woodbush Forest is arguably the prime forest birding site in Limpopo Province. It is a short drive from Magoebaskloof Birders Cottage. The best way of accessing the forest for birding is to drive down the Forest Drive. High clearance vehicles are recommended to complete the journey down to the R71. This route passes the Debegeini Falls. Sedan vehicles can access the top portion of the Forest Drive if conditions are dry.

The suggested routine for birding on Forest Drive is to frequently park your car off the road(forestry trucks use this road) Walk up and down the road listening for birds. The more you stop the more likely you are to meet up with a bird party. I think that the Olive Woodpecker is a good call to follow in search of a bird party. They are frequently found in bird parties. It is always difficult to spot forest birds in the canopy. I recommend that you learn the calls of the forest birds listed below. Woodbush Forest is a very popular birding site so please avoid using recorded bird calls to attract birds to you.

Parking spots for vehicle on Forest Drive
Parking on Forest Drive

A short list of birds found in the Woodbush Forest. Black-fronted Bushshrike, Olive Bushshrike, Narina Trogon, Barratts Warbler, Cape Parrot, Blue-mantled Crested Flycatcher, Orange Ground Thrush, White-starred Robin, Brown Scrub Robin, Green Twinspot.

Wood bush Birding route. Forest Drive into Woodbush Forest